Players Unknown Battleground, popularly known as PUBG is one of the hot games right now. This Battle Royale game has been able to capture a huge chunk of gaming worldwide. This game heavily relies on servers to enable players to pit against each other. Like every other server games, when a lot of people try to access the same server, it gets little unstable and starts showing problems. Recently one such problem occurred to me while trying to enter into a match. I was getting “Servers are too busy, please try again later” error too often. Like every other frustrated gamer, I also went online to find a solution, and that is when I realized that this problem is not unique to me. Many PUBG players have complained that they are getting this problem very often. So, after going through all the questions and their apparent answers, I have been able to write this article. In this quick tutorial, I will share some working methods to fix PUBG error “Servers are too busy, please try again later.

Servers are too busy, please try again later error on PUBG

Why Are You Getting “Servers are too busy, please try again later” PUBG Error Message

Let’s first break down what are the most common reason why people are getting servers too busy error on PUBG.

Too Many Players Trying to Access the Same Server

PUBG is an extremely successful game with millions of players online. And sometimes it becomes overcrowded when a lot of people decide to play the game from the same area or on the same server. You are more likely to face PUBG servers too busy error while trying to play on weekends or at the peak time.

Server Maintainance or Down

PUBG being the huge game it is, it needs to insert updates periodically to fix bugs and to add new features. Most of such updates don’t generally affect us end players, but there are times when an update can cause server congestion, and prompt “Servers are too busy, please try again later” error on your screen.

Also, PUBG developers need to take the server down for maintenance purposes that generally happens on every Tuesday. So if you see this server too busy error and it happens to be on Tuesday then just sit tight because the server is under maintenance.

Some Other Programm on Your Device Consuming Your Bandwidth

PUBG requires bandwidth to connect to the server. But sometimes if other programmes/apps use your Internet bandwidth, then PUBG struggles to connect to its own server, and that causes the error to pop-up on your screen.

How to Fix “Servers are too busy, please try again later” PUBG Error

So now that you know why and what causes the “Servers are too busy, please try again later” error on PUBG game. Here are the top 3 solutions to fix this frustrating error from the game.

Fix PUBG Error Servers too busy, please try again

1. Change Server to Solve PUBG Error

The most common and most obvious fix to the PUBG error “Servers are too busy, please try again later” is to change the server. Many times when a lot of players try to play on the same server, the server gets overcrowded and stop responding which in turn can cause the error to show. The quick fix to that is to change server and play on another server.

Here is how you can do that:

On the Error screen, look right-bottom area, and you should see a small globe icon. Just like the image below.

Clicking on that icon will bring all the servers available.

Change PUBG Server

Now choose a new server and try reconnecting to the game.

This should fix the server busy error for you.

2. Reset Your Modem or Mobile Data

Sometimes poor internet connection can also cause this problem to happen. If changing server didn’t work for you, then you should try this method. You can reset your modem by turning it off and turning it on back again.

If you were playing PUBG mobile and were using mobile data then turning data off and on again could also help. Or better put your phone into airplane mode for a couple of seconds before turning it off back again. If the error was for poor connection, then this should help you solve the error.

3. Check If Any Other Programmes Using the Internet

Sometimes there are other programmes that run in the background and eat a lot of bandwidth for different reasons. This could be a problem if PUBG tries to connect to the server at the same time. This in turn also could be the reason behind the error “Servers are too busy, please try again later.”

One quick look at your internet usage by apps/programme can tell you which app/programme is using the internet and you can easily disable that particular app/programme to solve “Servers are too busy, please try again later” PUBG error.

Here is how you can check what apps/programmes using the Internet:


Right click on the taskbar and select Task Manager from the menu.

Click the App history tab, and there you will see a network column with all the apps using the internet.

Xbox One

Open Settings then ‘All Setting.’ Under Troubleshooting, select ‘Network Settings’ and finally ‘Bandwidth usage’ to check all the apps using the internet and how much bandwidth it is consuming.

PUBG Mobile- Android

Open settings app, find and select Data Usage. Here you can see all the apps and how much data they are consuming.

PUBG Mobile- iOS

Open Settings app. Tap on ‘Celular’ then ‘Cellular Data Usage.’ Here you can see all the apps and how much data they are consuming.

So, these are all the possible methods to solve the “Servers are too busy, please try again later” PUBG error. My error was fixed after reconnecting to a different server. I hope I was able to fix that frustrating error for you. Please share this article with your friends who are having the same problem. If you have any question or problem comment in the comment section below and I will do my best to solve it.